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The Wages of Dy(e)ing Is Love

What I am trying to get across is that material is a means of communication.

That listening to it, not dominating it makes us truly active, that is: to be active, be passive.

The finer tuned we are to it, the closer we come to art.

--Anni Albers

Fast away the old year passes. I've spent the end of the year surrendering to the colorful, nonrepresentational, unpredictable world of tie dye. And making rainbow connections. The other side of fluid and unprecedented. Here are some of the things that emerged from this time of experimentation in the Color Lab.


I Just Wanna Get Along

3 x Cotton Dishtowels



A few things for your retinas during this darkest part of the year:


A little bit of representation found its way in.

Bride's Dream with Departed Butterfly

(Based on a true story)

Rayon, 44" square



And tie dye crossed over into painting endeavors.

Prepping canvases with ice-dyed linen; Colorful message on sides of double diptych.


Thank you for your interest and conversation this year!

Here come the colors and unlimited possibilities of 2021!

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