A Few Disparate Threads

It is a relief to make a different kind of sense--visual sense. One must think, of course, but it is an entirely different kind of thinking, one in which language does not intrude.

--Mark Strand


Silk screen on paper, 16" square, 3/2020

Self and Amaryllis

Monoprints, each 5" x 7", 1/2020

Winter Sunset, East Falls

Most of our lives we live closed up in ourselves, with a longing not to be alone, to include others in that life that is invisible and intangible. To make it visible and tangible, we need light and material, any material. And any material can take on the burden of what had been brewing in our consciousness or subconsciousness, in our awareness or in our dreams.

--Anni Albers from Material as Metaphor, 1982

All of the Domestic Arts Are Mine

Silk screen over hand dyed cotton, 18" x 22", 2/2020

And actually, I can't resist letting language intrude. The Sanskrit word Sūtra means "thread", from the root word siv, that which sews and holds things together.

Sewing and holding a few things together here these days.

Domestic Sutras

Silkscreen on linen, stretched 22" square, 2/2020

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